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Cloud Tuition is an online tutoring service specialising in one-to-one student support. Our tutors provide personalised online lessons in the core subjects taught at school including English, Maths, Science and Geography.


Since 2020, our mission has been to make learning support more accessible for students across Australia. Without the limitations of travel or having to find a suitable tutor in your area, your child can meet face-to-face with a qualified subject specialist online who can help them build their learning confidence and academic skills. Furthermore, they will be able to access this support from the comfort and convenience of their own home. 

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Born in 2020

In 2020, Cloud Tuition began as a small tutoring company based in Brisbane, Queensland. However, over the past two years, we've been able to work with Australian families and students across the country. We're extremely proud of our growth and how we've been able to use our online platform to help students feel more confident and capable, both personally and academically. In addition, being able to collaborate with many amazing parents and tutors while on our mission has been extremely rewarding and is the reason why we do what we do.

Our founder

Cloud Tuition was founded by Sandra, a Biomedical Science graduate and tutor with six years of teaching experience under her belt. In school, Sandra was always an average student with grades ranging from Ds to Bs. Looking back, she never really understood what she was doing wrong at school and had difficulty navigating the feedback that she'd receive from her teachers and school assessment. Without a roadmap for how to improve or what exactly she had to do, Sandra spent her summer holidays before her senior years determined to make a change for herself. 

After weeks and months of reading, writing and Math practice at home on her own while trying to find a way of learning that works for her, Sandra returned to school in Year 11 and reached the top of her Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes and was second in English. By the end of Year 12, she managed to successfully graduate as the Dux of her school. It was at that moment that Sandra realised that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow if they really put their mind to it. In addition, she recognised the importance of self-confidence along with a positive attitude and a personalised study routine.

Following many years as an in-home private tutor, Sandra realised that a large majority of students were finding it extremely difficult to identify their learning needs and how to overcome their challenges. In addition, she noticed that most parents felt out of the loop with their child's learning at school and were often unsure about how to support them at home. 

In 2020, Sandra decided to start Cloud Tuition with a focus on collaborative student support and personalised online lessons. To make tutoring more accessible, safe and to help students find a tailored learning approach that is effective for them, Cloud Tuition began with a mission to empower students with the belief that they can achieve their goals and reach new heights. 



"I would really like to thank my tutor for being so helpful in getting me real results and improving my grades. She has given me confidence in my writing skills and was able to successfully identify the difficulties that I was facing when writing essays!"

Jozsef, Year 12

"Great student support! Cloud Tuition seeked to gain a good understanding of my son’s learning style and needs before commencing tutoring and provided ongoing feedback and advice."

Rosa (Parent), Year 11

"My daughter Erica found her trial lesson very helpful as she finds it difficult to ask questions of 'how to do' some math tasks in class as teachers already expect students to know the concept."

Rina (Parent), Year 8

"We reached out to Cloud Tuition when my Year 10 daughter was struggling with Math. She has a heavy extra-curricular commitment outside school hours and being able to arrange lessons virtually really worked well. She was hesitating to receive tutoring at first, however, our tutor was exceptional and she is now wanting to continue the tutoring support for her senior years."

Rina (Parent), Year 10

"Sandra is always creative and keeps finding new ways to get Yuki engaged. 
In addition, she covers all subjects and Yuki loves the challenging math questions that she is given. We would not hesitate to recommend Cloud Tuition to anyone!"

Aiko (Parent), Year 6

"The sessions are always helpful, well-structured and organised. I've definitely seen a huge improvement in my results since before I started tutoring. I also just received my marks back for chemistry, biology and physics and have gotten As in all of them!"

Khushi, Year 12


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