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Year 11 Maths Methods Tutoring

📚 Units 1-2 Maths Methods content & problem-solving

From quadratics to functions, probability and differential calculus, we'll help you maximise your results, confidence and ATAR score.


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🎓 Qualified private tutor (WWCC+)

✅ Mapped to the Australian Curriculum

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Learn, extend and achieve

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Online, 1-to-1 & face-to-face

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Building on schoolwork

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Mapped to the curriculum

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Flexible and convenient

Year 11 Maths Methods QCE Curriculum

With every lesson, we'll help you master the curriculum goals below and many more to help you boost your confidence.

Unit 1 Content 📈

• Arithmetic and geometric sequences
• Functions, quadratics, inverses, powers and relations
• Probability and conditional probability
• Binomial expansion
• Indices and index laws

Unit 2 Content 📉

• Exponential functions, logarithms and trigonometric functions
• Circles, arcs and sectors
• Rates of change, derivatives and applications
• Discrete probability and random variables

Assessment Help 📑

• Units 1 & 2: Problem-solving and modelling tasks (PSMT) and exam support

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Interactive, 1-to-1 Live Year 11 Maths Tutoring

❇️ Weekly sessions with the same tutor (45 to 120 mins)

Master year-specific Maths concepts, build on schoolwork and receive personalised support from your private tutor every week

❇️ Engaging, face-to-face learning through our platform

Virtual 1-to-1 sessions taught through live video chat using our collaborative online whiteboard and document writing space

❇️ Personalised lessons with detailed progress reports

Our sessions are tailored to student needs following our ABC session model. After each lesson, your tutor will also complete a learning overview to help you keep track of their learning progress

❌ No fixed learning programs

 We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching

❌ No constant tutor changes

We believe that student-tutor relationships are vital for growth

❌ No more confusion as a parent

We'll keep you in the loop after each lesson with regular reports

Private Tutoring For Year 11 Maths Success

With our personalised Year 11 online tutoring, we'll help your child improve their knowledge of content, boost their assessment results and maximise their ATAR score.



We'll help your child solidify a strong foundation in school by building their understanding of key concepts, strategies and application skills



Building on your child's strengths and weaknesses, we'll dive deep into their subjects and explore additional topics required for their year level



Your tutor will work to support your child's unique strengths, challenges and aspirations with one-on-one mentorship designed to help them reach their goals

Why Choose Cloud Tuition For Maths Tuition

✅ Bee, Mum of Year 3 Boy

"We are really happy with Cloud Tuition. Our tutor makes the lessons more exciting, fun and informative and always provides quality resources and full knowledge. She listens to me as a mum and tries to tailor the class to suit my son’s school curriculum."

✅ Rina, Mum of Year 9 Girl

"My daughter Erica found her first lesson very helpful as she finds it difficult to ask 'how to do' questions for some Math tasks in class as teachers already expect students to know the concept. The lessons worked really well and our Maths tutor was exceptional!"

✅  Aiko, Mum of Year 8 Girl

"Our tutor is always creative and keeps finding new ways to get Yuki engaged. In addition, Yuki loves the challenging Math questions that she is given. We would not hesitate to recommend Cloud Tuition to anyone!"

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  • How do I book in a lesson?
    To book in a lesson, simply contact us on (07) 3726 5788 at any time between Monday to Friday (9:00am - 5:00pm AEST), online 24/7 or via email at We'll match you to a qualified school tutor within 72 hours of your booking and send you a confirmation with the details that you'll need to launch your online sessions through our learning platform.
  • How does the first lesson work?
    The first lesson is a free 60-minute session with one of our expert tutors. Simply contact us and we'll match you to the right tutor with 72 hours and send you the details that you need to launch your session. During your session, you’ll meet your tutor online and get a first-hand look at how our virtual learning platform. From there, your tutor will help you learn and practice different topics and skills based on the learning needs that you've outlined. We’ll then send through a lesson overview and reach out to you once your session is complete to check how everything went on your end.
  • Will I need any special equipment for the online lessons?
    All lessons are interactive, face-to-face and taught online in real time through our online learning platform. You won’t need any special software or downloads to connect to your lessons, only a tablet or computer with audio/video functions and a stable Internet connection. Recommendation: Although it is not essential, we do highly recommend having a digital stylus or writing pen if your child wants to interact with our whiteboard (great for Math lessons)!
  • What will my child learn during lessons? Is the content aligned to the curriculum?
    We personalise our private tutoring lessons so that our students and tutors can build on the content taught at school. As all of our learning materials are mapped to the Australian Curriculum, we also help students address their individual learning gaps and learn topics they need for their year level.
  • Are the lessons one-on-one or with a group?
    At Cloud Tuition, we specialise in face-to-face online tutoring programs that are delivered one-on-one by a qualified school tutor. By giving each student the individual attention they need for their specific learning needs and goals, we're able to provide a higher quality of learning support to help them excel in school and beyond.
  • My child hasn’t tried online tutoring before. Is it as effective as traditional face-to-face tutoring?
    Yes, many of our students actually prefer online lessons instead! Just like traditional tutoring, our online sessions are also face-to-face and designed to help your child get the individual attention they need for their learning. Also, your child will be matched with a high quality tutor who will help them with content learning, assessment and exam preparation. There are also many added benefits to online tuition such as being able to access your child’s learning space to stay up to date on their lesson work, regular progress reporting and flexibility with your tutoring sessions. During sessions, your child will also get access to our interactive whiteboard and helpful learning tools such as screenshare, geometric shapes, diagrams, graphs, document writing and more!

Book a free lesson with one of our online tutors to get the support you need

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