Creative Writing Task
Year 10 Maths
Persuasive Writing Task
Year 7 Maths
Assessment Guide
Figurative Language Guide
Persuasive Language Guide
Year 5 Maths

We create personalised learning materials to help your child excel.

Subject worksheets. Assessment guides. Creative writing tasks.
Tailored tuition in line with the Australian Curriculum designed to support your child's needs.

What are Cloud Tuition learning materials?

Before each lesson, tutors strategise and plan what their students need to work on. 

During lessons, students can access their personalised lesson plans in the Interactive Learning Space.
All lesson work can be reviewed after the lesson in the student's online notebook.

1) Year-specific learning material

Our learning material addresses the core topics and strategies highlighted in the Australian Curriculum for each year level.
Students will receive personalised worksheets that teach them concepts they will need to know at school.

Learning material designed to support your child's learning.

2) Step-by-step assessment guides

Our database contains step-by-step assessment guides to help students meet the assessment criteria outlined in the Australian Curriculum. These guides provide writing structures and focus questions for students to use for assessment practice and guidance.

Assessment guides designed to help students ace school assessment.

3) Supplementary writing guides

Our supplementary writing guides were designed to help students improve their communication skills and become A+ writers. 
Writing guides designed to enhance creativity and writing impact.

Our materials target the core subjects taught at school.

We try our best to cater to every subject and every need. To enquire about a specific subject, please feel free to contact us.

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