5 Reasons Why You Need A Private Tutor

Updated: Jan 15

Not sure about whether your child needs private tutoring?

Here are five things for you to consider to help you decide.

Finding a way to support your child in their learning can be tricky. You might have just been told that your child is falling behind the curve or maybe you’ve noticed that their grades are suddenly dropping. Perhaps they’ve lost the motivation to study at all or maybe they are asking you for help but you’re not sure where to start or how to even support them.

Whichever it is, it’s important that you know that you are not alone. Many parents across Australia are facing off against the same problem which is why there is an increasing number of parents who are beginning to turn to private tutoring as an answer.

Private tutoring has the potential to take the pressure off of you as a parent while empowering your kids to reach their full academic potential. While there are many more benefits, we’ve listed five important things below for you to keep in mind if you’re considering to get a tutor for your child.

1) Personalised 1-on-1 learning

With a large class size at school, it’s understandable that your child’s teacher may not be able to attend to their individual needs.

But why should students need one-on-one attention?

Every child is different. They see the world around them through their own eyes and theirs alone. They learn things differently, they remember things differently and most importantly, they each ask different questions. And without these questions being answered, your child might find themselves feeling left behind, lost or confused. Areas of knowledge and skills taught at school from the curriculum may fall through the cracks and this may go on unnoticed.

In addition, your child’s teacher may not know how to motivate and support their learning in the way that they need. It’s often hard for teachers build a strong and trusting relationship with each student and get to know them on a personal level. But how will they know how to effectively help your child if your child is not prioritised?

That’s when a tutor can step in.

A tutor’s job is to focus solely on your child. With private tutoring, a good tutor will get to know your kid and find a way to adapt to their individual learning style. By getting this extra attention, your child can gradually build up their knowledge and skills with correct guidance and help. They can also learn more comfortably at their own pace without any peer pressure. Lastly, this personalised support will help them gain the skills that they need to catch up at school or even fast track their learning.

2) Building a foundation for learning

The early years in your child’s learning journey are incredibly important. This is the time that your child learns the fundamental skills that they need in order to be prepared for highschool or their senior years.

Evidently, it has been shown that most students who struggle in highschool have not fully mastered the basics. These basics lay the foundation for the advanced concepts and schoolwork that will later come.

A tutor will be able to work with your child and spend time building up your child’s foundational skills. That’s not to say that it’s too late for your child if they’re already in highschool. In fact, this may be even more reason to consider getting a tutor because these foundational skills will not be taught at school – they’ve already been taught and now, this knowledge is expected.

Altogether, it will be a relief to know that your tutor is helping to create a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for your child so that they can be ready to face off against more difficult and complex topics.

3) Addressing the problem areas

A good tutor will know and understand the school curriculum and will be able to assess what learning areas your child needs help on.

With time, hard work and commitment, your tutor will be able to help your child catch up to the school syllabus with ease and turn their areas of weakness into a strength.

4) Creating healthy study habits

Regular study with good planning and a healthy routine are key elements for academic success. Your tutor can help set up an effective study schedule for your child that will help them get the results that they want.

Your child will acquire healthy and efficient study habits that will lead to less stress, anxiety and cramming when assessment time comes around.

Over time, studying won’t be such a chore to your child. In fact, students who are able to find tutors who connect with them and understand them actually begin to love learning because they now have more positive attitude towards school.

5) Building confidence and adaptability

A good tutor will be able help your child feel more confident about learning new concepts, tackling new problems and overcoming obstacles that they have in the past found difficult.

This confidence is what will enable your child to have limitless academic potential. And as they grow into their senior years and begin to think about their futures, it is this confidence, attitude and mindset that will help them overcome whatever life has to throw at them. In addition, it will help propel them to achieve whatever they dream they set their mind to.

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