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Subjects We Teach: Live Online Tutoring

We'll help your child sharpen their understanding of subject-specific concepts, tackle school assessments and achieve their goals.

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Learn, extend and achieve

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Online, 1-to-1 & face-to-face

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Building on schoolwork

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Mapped to the curriculum

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Flexible and convenient

Supercharge Your Child's Language & Literacy Proficiency!

With our personalised English lessons, we'll help foster creativity, critical thinking skills and expressive communication in your child to help them become a stronger communicator.

Watch as your child's English skyrockets new heights!

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Helping Students Excel With Tailored Support

❌ My child doesn't feel confident with certain topics, concepts and skills

❌ My child isn't getting the individual attention they need to excel at school

❌ My child feels lost with schoolwork, assessment and exam preparation

Sound familiar? With tutoring online, we'll be able to target the hurdles your child is facing together!

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Boost Your Child's Mathematical Potential, Skills & Success!

With personalised Maths tutoring sessions, we'll help your child develop a deep understanding of year-specific concepts and build essential problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills. 

Empower your child to unleash their full mathematical prowess!

Interactive, 1:1 Virtual Tutoring Sessions



Make sure that we're the right fit for your child's learning before paying (no upfront payment details). The lesson's on us if you found it unsatisfactory!



Face-to-face online tutoring support personally delivered by a qualified Australian English or Maths tutor and in line with the Australian Curriculum



Full family support with regular lesson overviews sent after each session, lesson recordings and check-ins from our team to monitor your child's progress

Our Tutoring Programs

Primary (Years 2-6)

❇️ Build strong foundational skills

Your child will master curriculum-aligned topics such as the four operations, fractions, time, measurement, persuasive writing and more!

❇️ Boost learning confidence and results

We'll help improve your child's love for learning by helping them overcome their learning challenges with our personalised, one-on-one sessions

❇️ Give your child a learning advantage

They'll extend their learning, get ahead of the curve and challenge themselves to get ready and prepared for their transition into high school

High School (Years 7-12)

✴️ Build subject-specific skills

Your child will learn to excel in advanced curriculum-aligned topics such as algebra, integers, argumentative essays and more!

✴️ Boost topic knowledge and results

We'll help improve their knowledge of subject content and maximise their assessment marks with our tailored feedback and guidance

✴️ Give your child a competitive edge

They'll extend their learning, manage and stay on top of their schoolwork and become well equipped to excel in their senior years

Specialised Tutoring Subjects

We provide personalised support for selected Year 11-12 QCE subjects for students based in Queensland.



Improve your child's ATAR marks with targeted content support, internal and external exam preparation, personalised assessment feedback and guidance.

See QCE Biology Tutoring



Improve your child's ATAR marks with targeted content support, internal and external exam preparation, personalised assessment feedback and guidance.

See QCE Chemistry Tutoring



Improve your child's ATAR marks with targeted content support, exam preparation and assessment feedback.

See QCE Mathematical Methods

Trusted By Happy Families Across Australia

✅ Bee, Mum of Year 3 Boy

"We are really happy with Cloud Tuition. Our tutor makes the lessons more exciting, fun and informative and always provides quality resources and full knowledge. She listens to me as a mum and tries to tailor the class to suit my son’s school curriculum."

✅ Rina, Mum of Year 9 Girl

"My daughter Erica found her first lesson very helpful as she finds it difficult to ask 'how to do' questions for some Math tasks in class as teachers already expect students to know the concept. The lessons worked really well and our Maths tutor was exceptional!"

✅  Aiko, Mum of Year 8 Girl

"Our tutor is always creative and keeps finding new ways to get Yuki engaged. In addition, Yuki loves the challenging Math questions that she is given. We would not hesitate to recommend Cloud Tuition to anyone!"


Take the First Step Towards Academic Success!

Get your personalised learning program today.

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