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About Cloud Tuition: Online Tutoring Services

We're a personalised tuition service that matches students across Australia with qualified school tutors for personalised face-to-face online sessions.

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Learn, extend and achieve

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Online, 1-to-1 & face-to-face

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Building on schoolwork

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Mapped to the curriculum

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Flexible and convenient

With Over 12,480 Hours Taught, We're The Go-To Experts In Primary & High School Tuition

🎓 Building on classwork, assessment and individual learning needs

📚 Helping students master the basics for higher education success

✴️ Supporting student confidence, motivation and academic results

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A Note From Our Founder

Our mission is simple yet clear: to empower your child to confidently achieve their learning goals.


Right from the very beginning, we wanted confidence, positivity and unwavering commitment to be the forefront of our tutoring sessions. By giving your child a peace of mind that they're able to overcome any obstacle they face and harnessing the convenience of technology, video chat and digital whiteboards, we're also able to make high quality private tutoring llessons easier to access for students all over Australia.

Sandra Lee, Founder of Cloud Tuition

As You Invest In Your Child's Success, We've Invested In Our Team & Technology

❇️ Ongoing tutor support with mentorship and access to quality learning resources

✴️ Interactive, face-to-face online learning platform accessed from any device

🔄 Automated lesson reminders via email, lesson overviews and payments

Cloud Tuition's Core Values & A.I.M.:
Achieve, Inspire & Motivate



We are dedicated to helping your child achieve their academic goals by providing personalised 1-to-1 support and tailored guidance throughout their learning journey



We aim to inspire a love for learning, curiosity and a growth mindset in your child, empowering them to embrace challenges, explore their potential and strive for excellence



Our mission is to motivate your child to reach their full potential by fostering a positive learning environment, nurturing their self-confidence and celebrating their progress each step of the way


Empowering Your Child's Growth Beyond Their Lessons

What sets us apart from other tutoring services is that our support doesn't just end with our online lessons.

At Cloud Tuition, we go above and beyond with collaboration. We know that by keeping parents in the loop, providing helpful insights of what to expect from the curriculum, progress updates and actionable recommendations, we're working hand-in-hand with families to create a collaborative and cohesive support system that amplifies their child's success.

Our Proven Three-Step Approach for Tutoring:
The ABC Session Breakdown

🎓 Address the session's learning goals based on the student's learning needs

📚 Build knowledge and skills by working on content or school assessment

✴️ Check the student's understanding with a recap of what was learned

Trusted By Happy Families Across Australia

✅ Bee, Mum of Year 3 Boy

"We are really happy with Cloud Tuition. Our tutor makes the lessons more exciting, fun and informative and always provides quality resources and full knowledge. She listens to me as a mum and tries to tailor the class to suit my son’s school curriculum."

✅ Rina, Mum of Year 9 Girl

"My daughter Erica found her first lesson very helpful as she finds it difficult to ask 'how to do' questions for some Math tasks in class as teachers already expect students to know the concept. The lessons worked really well and our Maths tutor was exceptional!"

✅  Aiko, Mum of Year 8 Girl

"Our tutor is always creative and keeps finding new ways to get Yuki engaged. In addition, Yuki loves the challenging Math questions that she is given. We would not hesitate to recommend Cloud Tuition to anyone!"

We're A Team Of Passionate Educators, Driven By Student Success & Confidence

We only work with top-scoring ATAR achievers, experienced teachers and subject matter experts so that we can provide quality learning support during our lessons

✅ Our tutors are quality-screened and personally assessed based on their personality, communication skills and knowledge to maintain a high standard of teaching

We personally check that each of our tutors hold valid Working With Children Checks (WWCC) before working with students because your child's safety is our priority

Subjects We Tutor



Boost your language and literacy skills while expanding your creativity, understanding of writing structure and ability to communicate.

Year 2-10 Subject Support



Empower your child's learning with targeted NAPLAN support, exam preparation, writing practice and reading comprehension.

Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 Support



Improve your child's ATAR with targeted content support, exam preparation and personalised assessment feedback.

Year 11-12 Subject Support



Master your ability to work with numbers and maximise your problem-solving skills, critical thinking and ability to analyse problems.

Year 2-10 Subject Support



Improve your child's ATAR with targeted content support, 1-to-1 exam preparation and personalised assessment feedback.

Year 11-12 Subject Support



Improve your child's ATAR marks with targeted content support, exam preparation and personalised assessment feedback.

Year 11-12 Subject Support


Take the First Step Towards Academic Success!

Get your personalised learning program today.

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