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How School Holiday Tutoring Can Help Your Child Excel at School

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Looking to catch up on missed school content or advance your learning? Find out how tutoring during the school holidays can help your child excel!

Whenever school holidays come around, it's always a great idea to allow students to relax, clear their minds and reset before school starts up once again. However, during this time, it's quite common for students to forget everything that they've learned the previous year and their learned skills and application abilities seem to show a significant dip. Then upon returning to school, students may find that they struggle to adapt back to the learning expectations of their school and face a difficult transition especially if they are heading into highschool or a senior year level.

So how can we as parents and educators prevent this from happening?

Well, studies show that tutoring during the school holidays can lead to huge advantages for students even committing to one learning session per week. Not only does this allow students to revise skills that they've previously learned, it grants them the opportunity to improve in more difficult areas and get a head start on learning before the new term or school year comes around.

We've listed some of the key advantages to school holiday tutoring below for your convenience.

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1) Keep a healthy study routine going

For a much easier and less stressful transition into the new school term or year, a healthy weekly learning structure can be incredibly beneficial for both younger and older students.

While they are on a break away from school, students can still relax and have fun during their time off while also engaging in meaningful learning activities during their holiday tutoring lessons to keep their brains switched on.

Altogether, this helps to avoid any brain fog or negative attitudes towards school returning as it makes the transition much smoother since learning now becomes an integral part of their routine.

2) Catching up and tackling learning gaps

Having a few tutoring sessions during the holidays can be a fantastic way to check in on certain skills, concepts and topics. If your child seemed to struggle with a specific subject or their assessment during the term, a tutor can address the learning obstacles that they are facing to help improve your child's confidence and skills.

Ultimately, school holiday tutoring can be absolutely crucial to help avoid your child feeling lost on the first day back at school or having their learning gaps grow even bigger!

3) Getting a head start on new content

A personal tutor can help guide your child through new content required for their year level and subjects. This can be incredibly helpful for students wanting to get ahead for time management reasons and students who feel like they are already behind and want more control over their studies.

To avoid last-minute cram sessions during the next assessment period, holiday tutoring lessons can help your child feel more confident walking into the classroom on the first day back and allow them to actually adhere to a healthy study plan. More often than not, students underestimate the amount of time they have left for revision before an end-of-term exam as the weeks pass by quite quickly once assessment time begins.

To get a head start on the next school term with school holiday tutoring, we can help match your child with an online tutor here at Cloud Tuition. Enquire today to speak with one of our lead tutors and book in a free 1-hour trial lesson for your child!

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