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How QLD University Bridging Programs Can Help in Year 12

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Do you need to meet a subject prerequisite for a university degree or course? If so, look no further! Find QLD university bridging programs to help you meet your course requirements.

When students are in Year 10, they are given the opportunity to select the senior subjects that they would like to study in Year 11 and 12. However, at this stage, most students may not know what kind of future career path they are interested in or they may change their mind about what they want to study along the way. In such cases, a student might find that they don't actually meet the prerequisites that they need to study their dream degree or course.

Most science degrees and programs in fact require completion of specialised subjects such as Mathematical Methods, Biology, Chemistry or Physics. However, if you didn't study the subject that you need in high school, this article is here to help you understand the other ways you can meet your course prerequisites.

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What are Bridging Programs and Courses?

Bridging courses are typically short and intensive units provided by universities under bridging programs to allow students to meet the prerequisites that they need to study or gain entry into a specific tertiary degree. These courses can usually be studied over the summer holiday at the end of Year 12 and upon completion, they will allow students to satisfy the course requirements that they need.

Two common university bridging programs have been noted below for your convenience. However, please note that other programs may exist for the university of your choice and interest.

1) University of Queensland (UQ) Bridging Program

If you are about to head into a science or health study pathway, UQ college offers a bridging program that allows you to study the following secondary subjects over the summer holiday:

  • Mathematical Methods

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

The bridging courses run for an intensive 4-week period during the summer starting in late November and ending mid December between Monday and Friday (9:00AM-5:00PM) with optional Saturday tutorials also offered. It does cost a fee of $1500 per course but all course learning materials will be provided and HECS

Learn more about UQ's Bridging Programs.

Important Things to Note:

While these courses offer an opportunity to meet the requirements for a particular university program, there are several entry requirements that should be noted for current school students:

  • Year 11 must be completed (Australian High School Standard) with science included if interested in gaining entry into the Biology, Chemistry or Physics bridging courses and Maths included if interested in gaining entry into the Mathematical Methods bridging course

  • A subject-specific Language, Literacy and Numeracy test must be completed successfully

  • Only one bridging course may be completed at a time

2) Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Bridging Program

As an alternative to the UQ bridging program, QUT also offers bridging programs for the high school subjects listed below. Note that a bridging course for Biology is not offered.

  • Mathematical Methods

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

Compared to UQ, however, QUT's bridging courses offer much more flexibility in terms of when you can complete the program. For the summer semester, the course begins in mid October and ends in mid December (longer compared to UQ's). The fee for each course is however the same as UQ at $1500.

Learn more about QUT's Bridging Programs.

Important Things to Note:

  • QUT has noted that FEE-HELP and HEC-HELP cannot be used for bridging programs and must be paid upfront

  • Year 10 Mathematics (or equivalent) completed at a satisfactory level is recommended before starting the Mathematical Methods bridging course

Altogether, please remember to contact your university directly for more information in case there is an update on the QLD university bridging programs listed and described. Lastly, it should be noted that bridging courses can be used as a means to help you gain entry into your university program of interest by alleviating some of the pressure and stress associated with senior studies.

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