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Online Tutoring Trends in Australia 2023

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

With advancements in technology and changes to how students learn at school, the landscape of online education is evolving rapidly. In this post, we'll delve into the challenges currently faced by students, how online tutoring is evolving, the role of personalisation, the impact of technology on student learning and much more.


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Student learning can be influenced by a variety of factors and there isn't just one singular problem that universally affects all students. Learning is a complex process that can be impacted by various individual, social and school-related challenges.

With students constantly being challenged by different problems and hurdles in and out of school, it's easy for their learning to fall behind.

So how can online tutoring help, how will it change in the coming years and how is technology going to impact Australian education? Read on to find out what we've discovered.


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10 Common Problems Affecting Student Learning in Australia

  1. Lack of Engagement: If students are not engaged in the learning material or find it irrelevant, they may struggle to focus and absorb information.

  2. Inadequate Resources: Insufficient access to textbooks, technology, educational materials and other resources can hinder learning.

  3. Low Motivation: When students lack motivation, they might not put in the effort required to grasp and retain new concepts.

  4. Individual Learning Style: Students with specific learning styles may have difficulty processing and understanding topics using traditional methods which can affect their ability to learn and perform in a standard classroom environment.

  5. Ineffective Teaching Methods: If teaching methods are not tailored to students' individual learning styles or if they don't promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, students may struggle to understand and apply concepts.

  6. High-Stress Levels: Excessive stress from academic pressure, personal issues, or other factors can impair cognitive function and hinder learning.

  7. Lack of Support at Home: Inadequate one-on-one support or encouragement at home can impact a student's attitude towards learning.

  8. Classroom Size and Structure: Large class sizes can make it difficult for teachers to provide individualized attention to each student's needs.

  9. Changes between year levels: As students enter a new school year level, they may find it difficult to catch up to the new curriculum expectations and begin to fall behind even if they previously excelled in their subjects

  10. Mental Health Issues: Students dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD may find it challenging to focus and engage in learning.

Emerging Use of Technology in Australian Education

Tutoring services across Australia, specifically online tutoring services, is increasingly becoming more popular with students looking for a more personalised learning experience along with teaching methods that can actually help them understand, remember and apply concepts effectively.

That being said, in Australia's educational landscape today, students are well-accustomed to using technology for their learning needs. Specifically, almost all school students are now required to submit their school assignments electronically, collaborate on group projects using online platforms, engage in virtual classrooms for discussions and complete online quizzes. Furthermore, teachers frequently leverage educational apps and software to assign homework, provide supplementary resources and even conduct graded quizzes or assessments online.

Additionally, online libraries, research databases and e-books have become indispensable resources for students conducting research or studying independently. These digital resources not only offer convenience but also expose students to the skills required to meet Australian curriculum standards and navigate information in the digital age.

In summary, students of all ages from primary to high school are increasingly expected to be well-versed in using their devices in order to catch up and keep up with their learning progress. The prevalence of technology in Australian education today is undeniable and its influence is still today extending to the realm of tutoring. In response to this educational change, online tutoring services like ours offer students a dynamic and flexible way to access educational support while aligning with the technological landscape they're already accustomed to. As school teaching continues to evolve, the integration of technology into tutoring will likely play an increasingly significant role in shaping the learning journey for students across Australia.

The Rise of Personalisation in Tutoring

Personalised learning refers to the practice of tailoring the educational and learning experience of a student to their individual needs, learning style and goals. It involves adapting teaching methods, learning materials and support catered to the student. Not only does it recognise that every learner is different, its goal is to help students feel more confident, enhance engagement and achieve progress using a student-paced approach.

Today, the trend towards personalised learning is not new as plenty of students already opt for personalised one-on-one tutoring support in their own homes. Afterschool, in-person tutoring has been the norm for decades now. However, with increased convenience, interactivity combined with the use of online software, online tuition enables real-time updates on a student's progress while still providing the individualised learning attention students are looking for.

So what does personalised learning actually look like in an online session?

  1. Individualized Study Plans: Online tutors can create personalized study plans for each student, taking into account their learning goals, preferred learning style and areas of improvement. These study plans can guide the student through a structured learning journey, gradually building upon foundational concepts and what is currently being taught in class.

  2. Tailored Examples and Practice: Tutors can provide specific examples and practice questions that align with a student's current level of understanding. This ensures that the student grasps concepts thoroughly before moving on to more complex topics.

  3. Flexible Learning Paths: If a student excels in a particular area, they can move ahead without being held back by a predefined curriculum. Conversely, if a student struggles with a concept, they can receive additional guidance and practice from their tutor.

  4. Immediate Feedback: Tutors can swiftly provide insightful feedback on answers, school assignments and practice exercises, creating a dynamic feedback loop that helps students to promptly recognise their errors and solidify their comprehension.

"Our personalised approach to tutoring has not only helped our students thrive academically at school, it's helped boost their confidence in themselves and their ability to learn has grown immensely" – Sandra, Founder of Cloud Tuition

Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Students are increasingly recognising the potential of AI-powered tools such as ChatGPT to speed up and complete their homework or assignments. This new technology allows students to work faster with greater speed and efficiency than ever before. At the click of a button, students can organise ideas, structure their assignments, produce a high quality written essay and manage their time effectively so that they can stay on top of their responsibilities.

However, the potential dangers that arise from students relying too heavily on AI assistance is huge. Not only does it pose a risk of limiting creativity, it forces students to depend on technology whilst intentionally or unintentionally plagiarise work which can heavily impact their ability to learn and produce good work on their own.

All in all, we don't expect that the use of AI will slow down in the future which only further reinforces how technology in Australian schools will continue to evolve at an even greater rate. Therefore, we do think that it's important for parents to be aware of how their children need to understand technology and how it can help them learn.

During our sessions, we've seen a number of our students already turn to AI to help them with their assignments. In such cases, as we help our students learn to use AI the right way so that they can grow their skills and become more efficient in their learning, we predict that the popularity of online tutoring will grow alongside AI.

Flexibility & Convenience of Remote Learning

One of the most significant reason that online tutoring is increasingly becoming more popular is the convenience it offers. Whether you're in Sydney or Perth, high-quality education is just a click away. In addition to the growing prevalence of smart devices and high-speed internet, the interactivity and digital learning tools available in today's online platforms has made remote learning more accessible and effective than ever.

Online tuition is also insanely flexible. With the power to work around your busy schedule and book in sessions with a qualified tutor as you need them, it's now becoming the preferred choice for many students who had not previously given online tutoring a go.

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Summary of Online Tutoring Trends 2023

In summary, online tutoring in Australia is changing fast due to the growing prevalence of technology in schools, increased use of AI and the personalisation, convenience and flexibility offered by online tutoring. For parents, we strongly believe that it's important to help your child get used to incorporating technology in their learning. Of course, moderation and management of device use will be vital but we don't think that technology in schools and Australian education is something that is going to slow down any time soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on online tutoring trends in Australia!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common challenges affecting student learning in Australia?

Students in Australia face challenges like disengagement, inadequate resources, low motivation and high-stress levels. Additionally, individual learning styles, ineffective teaching methods, lack of support at home, changes between year levels and mental health issues can impact their learning experiences.

How is technology influencing Australian education?

Technology is playing a significant role in Australian education. Students are accustomed to using technology for assignments, collaborating on online platforms, engaging in virtual classrooms and accessing digital resources like libraries and e-books. The integration of technology is transforming how students learn and engage with educational content.

What is personalised learning in online tutoring?

Personalised learning in online tutoring involves tailoring educational experiences to individual student needs. Tutors create study plans, offer tailored examples and practice and provide immediate feedback. This approach adapts to the student's learning style, pace and areas of improvement, enhancing engagement and comprehension.

How is AI being used by students in their learning journey?

Students are increasingly using AI-powered tools to expedite homework and assignments. These tools assist in brainstorming ideas, generating content and organising assignments. However, relying too heavily on AI can limit critical thinking, creativity and the development of essential skills. As AI continues to grow, we also believe that the popularity of online tutoring will increase as technology becomes more prevalent in student education.

What are the benefits of online tutoring and its flexibility?

Online tutoring offers convenience and flexibility to students. With the rise of smart devices and high-speed internet, remote learning has become accessible and effective. Students can schedule tutoring sessions around their busy schedules and access quality education from anywhere, making it a preferred choice for many.

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