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Does My Child Need Tutoring Lessons?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Not sure if tutoring will help your child? Find out what type of learning student your child is and how they can benefit from tutoring lessons.

The first impression of tutoring that people usually have is that it is for students who are falling behind at school. However, this is not always the case. Indeed, most parents do turn to tutoring for the improvement of grades. However, there are hidden benefits of tutoring that are often overlooked. In addition, all students can in fact reap the benefits of having tutoring lessons - not just those having trouble in class!

Here are the four main types of learners out there, each of who can benefit from tuition in different ways. Read below to find out what type of learner your child is and how exactly tutoring can help them grow, develop and excel in and out of the classroom.

Young boy learning face-to-face with a tutor at a table

1) My child is falling behind at school because of the way they teach

Let's not assume that students who have trouble learning new concepts and topics in class are 'slow learners'. In fact, there are several reasons why your child may be having difficulty picking up new skills compared to their classmates. The most common reason is that they have a very individualistic learning style!

Whether they learn best with pictures, audio or hands-on practical exercises, it makes sense that they'd be disadvantaged if they are taught only in a specific manner by their teachers.

The best teachers in fact incorporate a range of learning exercises to accommodate for different student learning styles. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen and teachers may not always be at fault! As your child progresses into higher year levels, the content taught in class for each subject becomes more difficult and it becomes harder for teachers to accommodate to all students. This means that as your child gets older, they are likely to need more academic support.

Altogether, having a personal tutor to help walk your child step-by-step through different topics, concepts and questions can be extremely helpful. All lessons can be individually tailored to your child's specific learning needs and learning style. Before you know it, your child's confidence will bloom as they catch up in class while learning in their own way!

2) My child is falling behind at school because of a lack of motivation, attention or focus to study and learn

Another reason why your child may be having trouble at school is because they simply aren't interested in learning what is taught or can't seem to sit still. Sound familiar? This is extremely common amongst younger, energetic students but can also happen to students who are overwhelmed by their school workload.

For most students, a lack of motivation, attention or focus stems from the way students are being taught rather than the actual subject or concept being presented to them. As mentioned earlier, it's difficult for a teacher to accommodate to all learning styles that students in their class may have. Ultimately, this means that if a student feels distracted, lost or overwhelmed because they aren't learning in the best way possible for them, they simply won't be engaged and their attention will be somewhere else.

But what if a tutor could help your child focus their energy on what's taught in front of them? Sometimes, it's all about creating a fun and relaxing learning environment and allow for breaks, games and discussion to take place. This is something that Cloud Tuition tutors are often encouraged to implement. In fact, distraction can sometimes be a good thing! It can build rapport between tutors and students and take the pressure off the learning process. In the end, it's all about knowing what's really bothering a student when they are learning something new, allowing them to express themselves and learn in their own way and finally incorporating effective re-engagement strategies to ensure that the lesson is still on track.

High school student confused while learning with a tutor

3) My child is falling behind at school because they are anxious and shy

Is your child more on the quiet and shy side? If so, that's completely normal! However, unfortunately in some cases, this may impact their ability to learn and pick up skills in class. Some students may lack the confidence to put up their hand and ask for help if they're stuck on a question, some struggle with anxiety especially under an exam or high-pressure setting and some may be too quiet to engage in material preventing them from reaching their full academic potential.

Altogether, school can be a place that induces a lot of stress due to learning expectations and having to always meet a specific standard. So how can you as a parent address this issue that your child is facing?

Perhaps tutoring can help! One-on-one tutoring has been found to help students who have a bit of trouble expressing their need for help in class. For some students, the idea of getting the wrong answer or not knowing an answer to a question may be stopping them from simply giving things a go and pushing themselves a bit harder. We find that many of these students are actually incredible learners and can be quite gifted. However, self-doubt can prevent them from exploring their talents and really bring out the best in their learning potential. If this sounds familiar and you believe that it's something your child is currently facing, don't worry at all! Tutoring can provide a strong support system for your child to help them not only reach their academic goals but build their confidence, courage and their ability to communicate.

4) My child is falling behind at school but I know that they are extremely smart and capable

Have you ever considered that your child isn't doing as well as you know they can simply because what they are learning at school is far too repetitive or tedious for them? Interestingly, it's these students who are extremely gifted and advanced for their age. However, they may not be receiving the learning challenges that they could really benefit from.

In such cases, these students may find that tutoring can help them them to explore their talents and really push their academic skills. In fact, some students thrive on challenge and curiosity and with a personalised learning plan in place for them that is in line with the curriculum, they have the ability, motivation and skills to fast track their learning and potentially skip a grade!

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